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New Creation Healing Center Forms

Insurance referral forms (to see a specialist or receive a service) - to ensure that we have been able to process them correctly with your insurance company. Insurance that requires a referral please fill out and return this form: General Referral Form.
Please submit ALL information on this form by printing the above document and faxing it to 603-642-6701, dropping it off or Emailing it to with ALL the information completed. Failure to complete may result in a delay of your referral and causing you to have to pay for your specialist visit.

Established Medical Patient Registration Update Form (when there has been a life change) -
Our lives ebb and flow and with that comes changes. If you have had any changes to your name, address, phone number, insurance or your emergencey contact information please fill out a new REGISTRATION FORM or MEDICARE REGISTRATION FORM and MAIL it back to us.

New Counseling Client Form
If you are a new counseling client and have been asked to fill out forms before your arrival to your first appointment, please click HERE to access that document.

Medical Release Form (to have a copy of your records sent somewhere) -
If you have left our practice we recommend that you request a copy of your records to be picked up or sent to yourself. We suggest this as it is our office policy to only provide your record ONE TIME free of charge, subsequent requests will be charged a fee per page. For example if you leave our practice and request that your records be transferred to your new PCP, Dr. X. We will copy and send your records to Dr. X. If you become unhappy with Dr. X or he/she leaves or closes their practice or anything else happens that results in you needing to request another copy of your records we will charge a fee per page for your record to be copied. However if you request your records to go to yourself you can make as many copies as you wish to go to as many doctors as you wish over your lifetime giving you better continuity of care. Please fill out our MEDICAL RELEASE FORM and submit it to our office. Allow 14 business days for your request to be completed.
If you are a current patient of the practice, and are not leaving our practice, but you need some or all of your records released to another entity (insurance company, research study, etc) and that entity has not asked you to sign a medical release form please fill out our MEDICAL RELEASE FORM and submit it to our office.

Upcoming Events

Saturday 1/20

9 am-4 pm Office open for Established Patients & Clients

Tuesday 1/23

10 am -11:30 am Women's Bible Study

6:30 pm - Movie Night - Brad Stine: God's Comic

Thursday 1/25

12:30 pm - Service With Prayers For Healing

Saturday 1/27

10 am-12 pm Established Patients Sick Visits ONLY

Tuesday 1/30

10 am - 11:30 am - No Women's Bible Study

6:30 pm - Movie Night - The Case For Christ

Thursday 2/1

12:30 pm - Service With Prayers For Healing

Saturday 2/3

9 am - 4 pm - Office open for Establised Patients & Clients

Tuesday 2/6

10 am - 11:30 am - No Women's Bible Study

6:30 pm - Movie Night - The Investigator


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