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Massage Services

Jennifer J. Jubinville, BCMT, CPMT Board Certified Massage Therapist joined our staff in October of 2001, to assist in caring for the whole individual. In May of 2014 she became a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist to help care for the 3 to 18 years of age population.

Therapy Types Available

Initial Session - This is your first visit for massage therapy services at our office and where our therapist gets to know you, your history and your body.
1 Hour $60
1 1/2 Hours $90
All other service amounts lisited are for established massage therapy service clients.

Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral therapy is a gentle technique that uses about the pressure of a nickel to assess and influences your craniosacral rhythm. This can better your nervous system, and affect musculoskeletal issues. Craniosacral therapy is beneficial for all ages and is done with the client fully clothed and lying on his or her back. Each session works with your body's needs to create a healthier you.
1/2 hour $35
1 hour $60

Deluxe Foot Spa Massage
This treatment a wonderful treat and will also help combat foot pain, sore and tired feet, low energy and stress while you relax. Incorporated into this treatment is massage to the arms, hands, neck, shoulders and face while your feet are masking. You receive the benefits of the use of a sugar scrub and clay mask or fruits and/or vegetables.
1 hour $85
1 1/2 hours $115

Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone massage is Swedish massage with the added benefit of heat. Hot stone massage allows heat to penetrate deeper into your body therefore giving you a deeper more relaxing massage.
1 hour $90
1 1/2 hours $120

Lymph Drainage Therapy
Lymph Drainage Therapy is a very light touch used to influence a client's lymph system to detoxify, help drain fluid, and maintain a healthy immune system. Lymph Drainage Therapy is beneficial for all ages and can be done with the client clothed.
1/2 Hour $35
1 hour $60

Mixed Modality Sessions
These sessions are tailored to each individual by using any or all of the following techniques craniosacral therapy, lymph drainage therapy, myofascial release, structural relief therapy and traditional Swedish massage. Your body is assessed and the best techniques suited for your condition will be used.
1/2 hour $40
1 hour $65
1 1/2 hour $95

Pediatric Massage
Is for children 3-18 years of age and to meet the individual where they are at with special consideration to physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Pediatric massage is for both the well and not so well child.
Contact the office for pricing

Pregnancy Massage
Massage is normally therapeutic and enjoyable. During pregnancy it is even more so. Massage helps ease the aches and pains of this life change. Massage during pregnancy is much like Swedish massage with adjustment to the woman's body and stage of her pregnancy.
In the postpartum period, nature undoes in 8 weeks what it took 9 months to create. Massage helps to ease the new mother through this process. It also assists to lower the stresses of caring for a newborn, helps with milk production, and may help increase the mother's energy level.
1/2 hour $40
1 hour $65
1 1/2 hours $95

Seated Massage
Seated massage is a simple, fun and affordable pick-me-up that feels great and promotes health. It is done in a specially designed portable massage chair. A session lasts from 5 to 30 minutes, uses no oil, and takes place with the client fully clothed.
A session can cover the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands and can be adapted to your needs. A seated massage session leaves you relaxed and rejuvenated.
Seated massage reduces pain and muscle tension. It calms the nervous system and increases circulation which boosts alertness and energy. Seated massage will help you identify and release your own tension. It provides a complete change of pace that renews mind and body.
This is a great way to treat your staff or include in your next event.
Contact the office for on site rates


"I have been seeing Jenn for massages regularly for approximately 2 1/2 years. At first I thought it was a luxury and wasn't committed to making time for a massage, but as I started seeing her on a regular basis I noticed I felt better in so many ways. I have been getting headaches for many years from an auto accident that are debilitating and can last anywhere from a several of hours to three or four days, and I could count on getting them at least once per month, sometimes more. Since I've been seeing Jenn, those headaches have subsided to once every three to six months, sometimes less. I have noticed that my immunity is so much stronger now. I went from getting colds three or four times per year to one time per year, if I get sick at all. I am a transcriber and my job keeps me on the computer for hours on end, so quite literally Jenn is enabling me to do my job pain free. I now budget for it and make it a priority in my life and I'm so glad I'm taking care of myself. If you are thinking about massage but aren't making time for it, I urge you to reconsider. You will feel better and you will build your immunity. Jenn is definitely a God send, I wish I had done this for myself many years ago."
Deb H.
Attkinson, NH

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