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Promoting wholeness in Christ through medicine, massage, counseling, teaching and prayer.

Medical Services

Although we are imperfect, New Creation Healing Center is staffed by Christians who seek to show God's love through the practice of medicine.

Well known throughout the region, Dr. Mary Pearson's family medical practice brought a whole-person and specifically Christian orientation to the practice of medicine. Dr. Pearson's practice has now grown into the medical facet of New Creation Healing Center, Inc. where she provides care for patients throughout the area.
Dr. Pearson is an osteopathic physician who provides medical care, osteopathic adjustments and has seen God move in powerful ways through prayer. She loves working at a facility where she can spend time with her patients and listen to their needs.

Judy Misiaszek MS, APRN, BC, is part of our staff. As a nurse practitioner, Judy, is able to diagnose and treat, perform physicals, order and interpret diagnostic tests, write prescriptions, and provide counseling and education. She is a nationally certified registered nurse with advanced education to help her patients stay physically and mentally healthy.

Direct Primary Care

What is direct primary care? Direct Primary Care or DPC, is a subscription based approach to family practice.
The traditional model of family practice is this: once a year you have a physical - you pay for that visit (or your insurance pays). When you get sick or need a follow up visit for a chronic problem (like diabetes or high blood pressure) you go to the doctor and pay for the visit (or your insurance pays).
In the DPC model, the patient pays a monthly fee (like a gym membership). You get your annual physical (which is covered by your membership) and you go to the doctor as often as you and the doctor think you need to be seen.
The advantage of this model is that both patient and doctor know what their costs or income will be. The insurance company is not the middleman. It cuts down on excessive administrative costs. It can be cost effective model for small businesses when used in conjunction with an HSA, PPO or catastrophic health care package.

Important Information

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Please go to to gain access to your personal health record. You will need to enter your name, date of birth and a custom pin number to register. If you do not have a custom pin number you will need to request one from the office.


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There are many types of ticks and diseases that can be carried by them. Know the basics about ticks, how to help prevent tick bites, how to remove them and what to watch for after a bite.

Weight Loss

We often have to suggest that patients lose weight. We know that their are many things that can hold one back in the process. We have found that the more prepared you can be the better your chances are.
Here are some resources we have found helpful:
My Fitness Pal - This comes in the form of an app and a website and has been used by many of our staff including Jenn, Nurse Practitioner Judy and Terry. It is great way to tracking calories, exercise and you can invite those who support you on your journey to be your friends.
Calorie King - Dr. Pearson likes this site when you don't know the nutrition information of something you are about to eat or just ate. Look it up and take the guess work out of it!

Upcoming Events

Saturday 3/24

10 am - Noon - Office open for Sick visits ONLY for Established Patients

Monday 3/26

7:30 pm - Tenabre Service

Wednesday 3/28

6 pm - 7:30 pm - Depression Series - Bio Chemistry of Depression

Thursday 3/29

12:15 pm - 1 pm - Midday service w/ Healing Prayers

7 pm - Maudy Thursday Servie

Friday 3/30

7 pm - Good Friday Service

Saturday 3/31

7:30 pm - Easter Vigil Service

Monday 4/2

6:30 pm - WholyFit

Tuesday 4/3

10-11:30 am - Women's Bible Study

Wednesday 4/4

6 pm - 7:30 pm - - Depression Series

Thursday 4/5

12:15 pm - 1 pm - Midday service w/ Healing Prayers

Saturday 4/7

9 am - 4 pm - Office open for Established Patients & Clients


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