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Many patients often ask us how to tell the difference between ticks.  The deer tick is the tick that carries Lymes disease, anaplasmosis and babesiosis.  Here is a handy chart to help you know the difference:

If you have been bit by a deer tick, and it has been on more than 24 hours, some experts think you can prevent Lymes disease by taking doxycycline or amoxicillin for one day.  This is believed to be the most effective within 48 hours of the tick bite.

Prevention tips from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services:
Avoid tick-infested areas when possible and stay on the path when hiking to avoid brush.
*Wear light-colored clothing that covers arms and legs so ticks can be more easily seen.
*Tuck pants into socks before going into wooded or grassy areas.
*Apply insect repellent (20-30% DEET) to exposed skin.  Other repellent options can be found at http://cfpub.epa.gov/oppref/insect
*Do daily tick checks to look for ticks on the body, especially warm places like behind the knees, groin, the back and neck.
*Pets returning returning inside may also bring ticks with them.  Performing tick checks and using tick preventatives on pets will minimize this occurrence.
*Shower soon after returning indoors to wash off any unattached ticks and check clothing for any ticks that might have been carried inside.  Placing clothing in the dryer on high heat for an hour effectively kills ticks.  A recent study suggests that if clothing is not wet, shorter drying times (minimum of 6 minutes) may effectively kill ticks.
*Remove ticks promptly using tweezers.  Tick removal with in 36 hours of attachment can prevent disease.
*Monitor for signs and symptoms of tickborne diseases for 30 days after a tick bite.  You should contact your healthcare provider if symptoms develope.

Lymes disease and other tick borne illness can present with a rash (that can go away), fever, joint pain, irregular heart beat, body aches and other symptoms.  You can learn more at www.cdc.gov.

Please call our office at (603) 642-6700 with any questions.


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~2 Corinthians 5:17-21 New International Reader's Version